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In a recent taste review by The Independent Toast Coffee was awarded a Best Buy, coming out on top against 9 other premium coffee pod brands.

Stacey Smith of The Independent said:

"Toast only uses ethically-sourced single-origin speciality coffee beans in its pods, all of which are graded by one of only six female graders in the country. She clearly knows her stuff because on a blind taste test between this and a “proper” coffee, we chose this every time."

"The young brand has put its heart and soul into sourcing the finest beans on the planet, investing in a highly qualified grader to ensure top quality at every stage. All of the flavours in its range tasted artisanal and unique, holding their own against a shop bought cup of joe."

Jack Brett, founder Toast Coffee commented:

"We're thrilled to be awarded such an accolade, it really validates the vision we have to delivering crafted coffee pods at an affordable price."

About Toast Coffee

Toast Coffee provides high quality specialty grade coffee in Nespresso® compatible pods. Launched in 2017, the company is one of the UK’s most exciting retail startups, sourcing single origin coffee direct from independent farmers, accounting for just 3% of coffee in the world.

Toast Coffee uses an innovative approach to enhance the natural flavour of each coffee. It lightly roasts beans in small craft batches to specific temperature profiles, allowing it to deliver short coffees packed full of flavour and complexity in the cup. The precise process remains a trade secret.

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