Why is seasonality important?

Coffee is a seasonal product which means that different harvests take place throughout the year making some coffees fresher than others. Our aim is to promote this seasonality through our Nespresso® compatible single origin espresso range and to do this, we must regularly assess the cup quality of each of our coffees to ensure they are still singing in the cup.

In our experience, green coffee on average tends to have a shelf life of between 9 and 12 months. After this time (and sometimes during depending on the origin) the coffee can develop aged characteristics in the cup which manifests as a slightly ‘woody’ flavour with a paper like mouthfeel. You may also notice that the coffee you have been enjoying for a few months no longer displays the same character it used to, even when brewed with the same recipe/method. It is for this reason that we purchase smaller lots of coffee which we aim to run through before new crop lands. This means that we are able to showcase what makes each individual coffee special – otherwise there comes a point when that coffee begins to taste somewhat normal with little to no distinguishable character.

As we cup nearly all of our coffees on a daily basis, we have a fascinating insight into the ageing process of our beans and know exactly what to look out for to make sure your daily brew has not been impacted by age. I should stress at this point that these undesirable aged characteristics will not have any harmful effects on your health, but who wants to be drinking old coffee! That is one of the fantastic benefits of our Nespresso® compatible pods, we are able to lock-in the freshness of the coffee by putting into pods, meaning that you get a fantastic espresso each time. The seasonality of coffee is something that should be embraced in the same way we look forward to British strawberries and the few weeks we have to enjoy the blood orange.

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