Which machines are your espresso pods compatible with?
Our pods will work in all home-use Nespresso® machines, and will not damage your machine in any way. If in doubt, please check our machine compatibility page.

Where can I buy your espresso pods?  
You can buy our Nespresso® compatible espresso pods direct from our site.

Do you make Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pods?
We don’t currently, however this is something we are looking into. Please do let us know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Do you offer a decaffeinated coffee pod?
Yes. It's been a labour of love but are really proud of the decaf that we now offer

Is the packaging recyclable?
The outer packaging is fully recyclable. The pods are 100% biodegradable and can be placed whole (no need to empty out coffee granules) in your home compost or in your council's garden waste collection.

Why is the extraction time slower than other pods I have used?
This is fundamental to our craft, we have pushed the espresso extraction time to its limits so as to optimise flavour and to showcase the inherent flavours of our single origin coffees. The fineness of the grind does mean that on occasion you will have to press the espresso button twice, if the water doesn't catch the first time.

What is specialty coffee?
The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) defines specialty/speciality coffee in the following way: "The term 'specialty coffee' refers to the highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavour potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established SCAA developed standards. Specialty coffee in the green bean state can be defined as a coffee that has no defects and has a distinctive character in the cup, with a score of 80 or above (out of 100) when graded according to SCAA Standards."

Specialty coffee is usually traded on a much more personal and local level with farmers and cooperatives and is more often than not purchased in a way which pays homage to its quality, therefore meaning the producer usually receives a higher price for their coffee. For a coffee to make the specialty grade, it must be grown at an altitude that will contribute towards complexity in the cup. The cherries must also be handpicked only when they have reached optimum ripeness and they must be processed in a way that respects the need for cleanliness and consistency. The beans must then be roasted and brewed in a way that shows off their characteristics, rather than masking them.

Why coffee pods?

  • Consistent brew – brewing coffee is an art, and a difficult one at that. We’ve done the hard work for you, optimising grind and extraction time, such that you can brew a great, consistent cup of espresso every time!
  • Fresh coffee – We craft roast our specialty coffee in small batches, expertly grind it and put it straight into pods to lock in the freshness. Say goodbye to stale coffee!
  • Convenient – let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much quicker or easier than making a coffee with a coffee pod machine. You've just about got time to grab a chocolate!
  • Opportunity for something different – We believe that there are too many coffee pods out there that taste the same and that the public deserve more!

How are your espresso coffee pods different?
In our view, there are too many coffee pods out there that taste the same, with the coffee beans dark roasted and usually of commercial grade not specialty grade. Toast Coffee is different, we only use ethically-sourced single origin specialty grade arabica beans from individual estates, we lightly roast the beans ahead of the ‘second crack’ where coffee can start to taste generic, we finely grind the coffee to maximise extraction time and flavour and put it straight into pods to lock in the freshness. We believe our focus on flavour and the results of our craft will surprise you in a fantastic way. Whilst the extraction time may be longer than you are used to, the resulting espresso with its distinctive flavour will be a real treat.

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