Discovery Box (Free Shipping)

Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
Product image 1Discovery Box (Free Shipping)
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Amazing coffee that doesn't cost the earth.

Enjoy specialty grade Arabica coffee in the convenience of a Nespresso* compatible biodegradable pod. Simply dispose of in your compost or garden waste collection, no cleaning or washing required.

Our Discovery Box contains 100 espresso pods,:

Our Story

We founded Toast Coffee to identify and source great coffee with social responsibility and environmental sustainability at the core of our values.

All our pods are 100% biodegradable, making them easy to dispose of in your compost or garden waste. Our packaging is completely recyclable, sourced only from sustainably managed forests.

We believe in treating people fairly and are committed to improving the lives of our farmers. That means we only source coffee from independent growers and support communities in the local areas we buy from.

All our coffee is 100% Arabica, which we craft roast in small batches to showcase its amazingly varied flavour.

We guarantee the compatability of our pods with every Nespresso* machine. If you have any problems simply return the pods for an immediate refund (postage paid).


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How to prepare

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To get the most out of your Toast Coffee Pods we’d recommend the following:

  • Use the espresso function on your machine. Toast Coffee Pods have been designed to extract as an espresso, please use the espresso button on your machine and not the lungo or ristretto (if your machine has this setting) option when making your coffee
  • Use filtered tap water, this will best showcase the flavour of the coffee. We’d particularly recommend this in areas of hard water, as hard water can lead to coffee tasting slightly flat and bitter
  • Warm your cup, to retain the delicate flavours of the coffee. To do this we recommend running water from your machine into your cup, this will also help to rinse your machine
  • Warm your milk (if applicable), to retain the delicate flavours of the coffee. For best results use whole milk as this will lead to a better texture and will make the coffee taste richer, sweeter and creamier, the difference in fat content is only between 1 and 2% and it makes such a difference to the taste – you will also find the coffee is naturally sweet which should negate the need to use sugar (which adds extra calories!).
  • Make small drinks to fully appreciate the quality and delicate flavours of our single-origin specialty coffee. Please refer to our guidance, which is aligned with leading specialty coffee shops, on the volume of water/milk to add to your espresso(s) dependent on the coffee drink you are making. Don’t be afraid to double-up on your pods, with double espressos as standard in specialty coffee shops (and indeed within high-street coffee chains, even though they typically use double the amount of water/milk for the equivalent drink).

Shipping and delivery

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Free UK shipping

We offer free first class shipping on every order £35 and over delivered to the UK. No hidden charges apply.

International delivery

For international delivery, we charge a variable rate based upon the volume and weight ordered.

Delivery services

We use the Royal Mail first class delivery service to fulfil our orders and subscriptions. Delivery days are Monday to Saturday.

For larger orders, we use courier services.

If you have any other queries, please email and we’ll be on hand to help in any way we can.

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