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    Jack Brett

    Jack, our founder, set up Toast Coffee with the ambition of creating the best possible coffee pods.

    Many years working long hours as a strategy consultant and investor, and now as an entrepreneur with a wonderful young family, has made coffee an integral part of Jack's daily life. It has become both his passion and livelihood.

    Jack loves the convenience and cup consistency of coffee pod machines, but felt let-down by the generic taste of dark-roasted, commercial grade coffee often being used within pods. Toast Coffee was born to address this problem, with its focus on flavour, applying craft to the process and using only the highest quality single origin specialty grade coffees.

    Holly Bowman

    Hols is our in-house master of coffee, a qualified Q grader, responsible for putting together our range and sourcing some of the best specialty coffees she can get her hands on.

    Hols began her career in coffee in Kenya where she spent time with smallholder farmers and cooperatives to understand the effects of Fairtrade on their social and economic development. Since then, she has been a green coffee buyer and licensed Q Grader taster – in fact, she is one of only six female licensed Q Graders in the UK and is part of a global community who work together to grade and value some of the best coffees in the world.

    This unique experience means Hols is able to source and profile some truly delicious specialty grade coffees, aligning their unique flavour with one of our flavour profiles.