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    We founded Toast Coffee with the ambition of creating the best possible coffee pods. We love the convenience and cup consistency of coffee pod machines. However, we felt that that too many coffee pods out there taste the same, with the coffee beans dark-roasted and usually of commercial not specialty grade.

    Toast Coffee have sought to address this problem in creating its espresso range. We only use ethically-sourced single origin specialty grade arabica beans from individual estates and smallholder cooperatives. We lightly roast the beans ahead of the ‘second crack’ where coffee can start to taste generic. We finely grind the coffee to maximise extraction time and flavour and put it straight into pods to lock in the freshness.

    We believe our focus on flavour and the results of our craft will surprise you in a fantastic way. Whilst the extraction time may be longer than you are used to, the resulting espresso with its distinctive flavour will be a real treat. We encourage you to try our range of Nespresso® compatible espresso pods, experience the world of specialty coffee, and become part of our journey!